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AES Group Ltd - Thailand Logo Design

AES Group Ltd is a high-tech company which provides electronic system integrations and solutions in the fields of security and communications.  This logo can be categorized as logotype in which the graphics are incorporated in the logo itself.

The bold and upright font gives a high-tech look to the logo. Blue is the corporate color which symbolizes authority and power. The combination of blue and grey colors gives a futuristic as well as a powerful, bold and global look which makes the logo popular, giving it instant recognition.

The design of logo is an abstract one which shows modernity and technology, all in one with its combination of blue and grey colors. The blue semi circle and the two horizontal semi circles in grey and silver are the technology symbols which stand for motion and speedy services provided by AES Group. This logo reflects a modern and efficient organization offering quick and global technical services. See our logos gallery for more Thailand logo designs.

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