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Medical Logos - Primary Features of Medical Logo Desig

Logos plays a vital role in communicating a message to the world. Designing the right logo depends on several different factors such as, what type of industry you are in, what type of message you want to send, or exactly how elaborate you want your logo to be. Some companies only need a simple design to create elegance to their name, while others can benefit more from a very detailed and intricate concept. Every industry has different messages to send to the public and different needs, therefore, an individualized logo design can really grasp the essence of that industry and pass on the correct message. Various elements all go into the designs such as colors, fonts, etc. It is necessary for all of these elements to match the message you are trying to give to your customers. This message can serve to have a great impact on people as it portrays your company's rapport as well as its function.

Color impact

Colors are a great way to convey your message effectively. Colors can trigger certain thoughts and emotions in the brain and contribute to memory recognition; therefore, they are important in passing on the correct feelings when displaying your logo. Color concepts have so many different impacts and there are many ways to display them through color, such as which exact shade of color, the shape or how large a space the color consumes and which combination of colors is best to enhance your company’s services. Although most colors have both positive and negative effects, blue are often be used to trigger emotions such as patience, understanding, trust, or tolerance. These triggers are often why medical logos use the color more often than any other. Green is another color often used in medical logo concepts since it triggers thoughts of health, environment, nature, and growth.


Fonts, or styles of the words used in the logo, can also have a huge impact on the message a company is trying to send. With so many different fonts available, a company has many options to match their logo with a great font. Medical logos often use fonts that are more formal rather than something that looks hand-written or thematic. This delivers a more serious, proper feel since medical issues are certainly something to take seriously.

Medical Logo Design

Importance of style

The overall style is the general idea and concept of the logo that ensures that both logo and font flow smoothly together and work with each other to deliver that perfect message. No matter what field or industry that your company is part of, the style of the logo is dependent on the service it is providing. For instance, a medical logo providing the services of children's health care should have more color with bright, exciting images, whereas one providing services for adults would be better suited to a logo that is more formal with more muted colors.

Logos are the representation of a business and the service it is providing. They are a reflection or a symbol, which provides your company a separate entity within a market that is so highly competitive. A great way to stand out among the varied crowd is with a great logo design.


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