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5 Types of Symbols that can be included with Medical Logos

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Medical logos are considered the hardest to design. This is because one has to strike the perfect balance in showing a modern, up-to-date institution or business, and at the same time project professionalism and high quality service too. That’s why it’s not uncommon to find name-based or initial-based logos for medical institutions and companies because they are the safest to work around.


However, it’s a good idea to take a daring step and include some symbols with your brand too.


1. The Caduceus

The caduceus is a historic symbol that has been associated with health and well-being, which became established as a symbol of medicine in the US in the late 19th and early 20th century. It is associated with the Greek god Hermes, and though it doesn’t have any direct meaning attached with the medical profession, it became a symbolic representation of the industry when the US military adopted it as a symbol of the medical department in 1902. The image consists of a winged staff with two serpents wrapped around it. Though the older version of this symbol is the safest bet, one can add a contemporary touch to it, for instance have the image of a simple staff with a serpent around it as can be seen in the logo of the American Medical Association shown above. This symbol is best used by medical clinics and institutional bodies.



2. A Shape-Derived Symbol

Shapes have always been clever symbols to be included with medical logos as they represent both professionalism and a modern approach.Circles, squares, cuboids, or even circular arcs are commonly included in symbols for medication institutions and medical business offering varied products, such as anesthesia products or laser machines. Shapes work best for medical equipment companies because it shows that the company offers the most up-to-date medical equipment in tandem with changes in medical technology. In fact, many medical equipment manufacturers have repositioned themselves by redesigning their logos from traditional-looking to one that looks contemporary with a clever use of shapes. Some brilliant examples are shown below:





3. Versions of The Red Cross

The Red Cross is a powerful representation of immediate medical assistance and has come to be associated with humanitarianism over the years. By including this symbol with a medical logo, messages of a concerned practitioner or medical institution or even a medical products or pharmaceutical company are conveyed. Though you cannot use a direct symbol of a red cross as it would seem like a blatant imitation, the cross in different styles and colors has been used by medical companies and institutions in their logos, as shown in some examples below.




4. Literal Representation of Company Name

Including a symbol that is a literal representation of your clinic’s or medical business’s name is also a very smart move. This way, a double recall is established every time someone looks at the logo as they can instantly relate the symbolic image with the company name. It also helps make the logo appear unique as the symbol can only be associated with your business’s name and no other. Though this is a recent practice in logo design, it is fast becoming a popular one. The catch here is not too merely include a picture of some element in the company name, but to do so in a creative manner which makes the logo stand out. Take a look at some creative examples shown here.



5. The Human Figure

Who does the medical industry target in particular? Human beings and the human body! So why not include a figurative representation of a human body in your medical logos. By showing a healthy image of a human body, one is convinced to believe that the company or medical institution cares about people’s health and well-being and is concerned about ensuring that their services or products will restore patients’ health to the best possible level. It’s important to include these sketches and figures in a creative way, however, without highlighting the fine details of the human body. The figure must represent a healthy human body, however, through the use of clever tactics such as arms spread out, a floating human figure, etc. to show spiritual and physical wellbeing as done in some of these logos.





By now, you must be convinced that it is alright to include a symbol with medical logos without giving out a rather juvenile perception. Just make sure the symbol has a string element of sobriety in it, as you must have seen in the examples shown above.

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