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Health Logos - Salient Features of Health Logo Design

Logo is the most perfect element to endorse a brand, defining the nature and mission of the business. Thus, it is important while designing a logo, that it is relevant, distinctive and created to convey the proper message of the brand or company to the audience. Designing a health logo is no exception; there are some strict elements that need to be followed while creating a health logo.

Health is one of the important most aspects of human life. Therefore, a health logo should symbolize the healing nature of an entity whose motive is to work for the cure and treatment of health-related issues. While the style of health logo is closely related with health, the use of colors, image and font too determine the ultimate success of a health logo.

Colors in Health Logo:
The use of colors in health logos is mostly red, blue and white; however variations can be seen sometimes. Though not necessarily, these colors in health logos symbolize a certain degree of health-related attributes. The red in health logos represents either the blood or the disease; blue signifies the cure or treatment and is usually the color of antibiotics, while white is the color of peace and tranquility. Although their use in health logos is not mandatory, these three colors represent and signify the message of care.


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Images in Health Logo:
A picture is worth a thousand words. No doubt, this adage is incorporated in most of the logo designs, including health logos. The use of images in health logos should refer to the significance of healthcare and address the true essence of the brand or institution.

Fonts in Health Logo:
The font in health logos is mostly simple and bold. It focuses on providing the health logos with essential recognition, while keeping a balance between the tone of colors and image, without overdoing it.


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