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Create Sophisticated Health Logos with 5 Simple Tricks!

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Health is a very serious and sensitive issue for most people, and that’s why designing health logos is a very tricky task. The designer has to create an image that’s creative enough to say something about the services being offered, and yet be sober and sophisticated at the same time. For instance, notice the general air of sobriety for these brand designs.

It becomes a challenge to create a sophisticated identity, especially with the need to project the image of an up-to-date and happening healthcare facility. However, with some clever strategies, you can create smart and elegant logos that speak volumes about a hospital facility....Continue Reading
Trick # 1: Use Blue, Green, Red and Grey in Logos for Health-Related Businesses and Facilities
Colors such as blue, green, red and grey have almost become standards for healthcare facilities, and for very good reasons too. These colors evoke feelings of care and security, qualities that people would evidently like to see in health-related services. These colors also represent vitality and freshness, and people would like to feel rejuvenated at hospitals and clinic facilities, as conveyed by the use of these colors in logos. Green has been the most popular choice of all these shades as it is believed to be the color for immortality and resurrection.
Trick # 2: Do not Use too Many Colors
Its one thing to use the above mentioned colors and quite another to use all of them together. Using too many tones and shade strips your image designs of sophistication and grace. Stick to a single, or at the most double, color theme of complimentary colors. Avoid contrasting hues as they make the logo appear too bold for the soothing effect that health related symbols must have. For instance, you should preferably avoid using green and red together, but blue and green together will make a winning combination as they belong to the same family. Ideally, a one-color theme is the best approach you could adopt, as has been done for these logos.
Trick # 3: Use Clear, Standard Typefaces
A symbol for a health care facility should represent wellness not illness. Thus, get creative with the font and choose those that show vitality and energy. In general, fonts for health and hospice centersshould have a trendy but clear to read style. You will be hard pressed to find a logo for a hospital or any other clinic with text styles that are overly stylish or curvy. For instance, most health logos employ simple typefaces such as Arial, Verdana, Times New Roman, etc., which are elegant and legible. It’s best to play it safe with text styles as has been done with some of the examples shown below.
Trick # 4: Top-Quality and Consistent
Create a design that is consistent across the media channels so that there are no bad images which can give the business a low quality reputation. We may not be able to afford the best but we do not want to risk our health at a provider who cannot even afford a good graphic designer!

Imagine if the logo of a health service provider is blurred out on the website or on a leaflet; the viewer will decide that just like the graphic design has seen better years so has the business so the choice is to stay away. The best approach is to choose vector graphics for the design of your logo as they do not deteriorate the quality when scaled for different media formats.
Trick # 5: Use Nature-Related Symbols
Be it the sketch of an eye, or of a human figure, it is best to use a nature-related symbol with your health brand. Many healthcare businesses and facilities also use symbols such as apples, leaves, hearts, etc. to denote something nature-friendly and that values care and well-being. The point of including natural figures is to indicate freshness, rejuvenation, life, well-being, etc. and such symbols are the most successful with health companies. Besides, they also render the image of the healthcare facility name much more memorable as people can associate them with natural things.
With these smart tactics and tricks, you can be sure to create a sophisticated and graceful health logo for your healthcare facility. Don't make the logo too cluttered and be smart about the use of images and symbols to create the desired effect.

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