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Accountancy is a lucrative and a challenging profession. It demands immense dedication, hard work and concentration, with huge capital in return. Experts who practice accountancy are known as Accountants. With respect to the immensity of the workload and the need, these accountants are trained and qualified into specialized fields of accountancy. Among them, CPAs or Certified Public Accountants are the highly trained and skilled professionals, who offer wide range of accounting and financial services.

CPA Logo Designs:
CPA logos should symbolize progressive, focused and forward-thinking organizations that value accurate information, efficient analysis, success, and professionalism. These attributes elaborate the nature of the CPA profession, which is a statutory title given to professional accountants after clearing tough educational and practice requirements. CPA logos have different concepts and each state and/or country sets its own standards that every CPA company has to follow. On the other hand, CPA logos are generally composed of three main elements: colors, fonts and style, with each having a specific purpose....Continue Reading
Colors of CPA logos:
Colors play an important role in deciding the success of a logo. It provides character to the whole logo image. It is also the most crucial element in creating any logo, including CPA logos. Usually, the colors used in CPA logos are shades of blue, green, black, white and brown. Though, as mentioned before, every state in the U.S. and other countries have their own set of color standards, these are the most widely used colors as they represent financial aspects of the accounting business. Additionally, other colors like purple and yellow are also employed.
Fonts of CPA Logos:
Fonts are the trickiest part of a logo. A rightly adopted font will result in the success of the logo, whereas a poor one will lead to the failure. Thus, logo makers should strive to employ correct and relevant fonts when adding them to the CPA logos. This element too is subject to restrictions imposed by the governing bodies of CPA, however, TrueType fonts are generally used. These include Microsoft, Adobe, Myriad, etc.
Style of CPA Logos:
The style of CPA logos is closely related to the monetary business. This element of the CPA logos is up to the discretion of the company as to how and what to project in their CPA logo. Furthermore, the CPA logos should be bold, targeted and futuristic, to change it, if necessary, according to the growing technological and developmental aspects of the business.

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