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Logos have always been a means of portraying your entity and product. In open markets, logos are more valued because they are an emblem of distinction and integrity for your company and product. If the logo is attractive and properly designed, it helps heightening the image of the company in the consumers' eyes.
Different logos are used for different purposes. Most companies have a standard logo that defines the business as well as special logos for special events. For example, during the winter holiday season it is not uncommon to see a logo of Santa Claus with gifts with the Pepsi logo. Such logos are called seasonal logos; they are used for special events and seasons.

Logo Design
Design is an important part in the creation of logos. Special logos should be designed according to the event they highlight. If the fonts and color combination are excellent, but the arrangement which makes the logo understandable is not proper, the logo is no value....Continue Reading
Related Colors
When special logos are being designed, the colors related to that event must be considered as an essential feature. For instance, if the logos are being designed for Christmas, colors like red and green are appropriate for the holiday. Using the wrong colors will not attract the customer's eye to seasonal logos.
Images are of extreme value for special logos. If you are designing special logos for an event like Halloween and you do not add any image related to Halloween, your logos will not be as strong a representative of your intentions in the market. Adding images that relate to the special events you are designing your logos for can make your logo more attractive and powerful.
Fonts are of great importance for logos designed for special occasions. Your fonts should be legible and easy to recognize. Many times, logos are designed such that their fonts are very stylish but cannot easily be understood. This makes the logos useless because the message they are trying to deliver cannot be understood by the viewers.

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