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Restaurant Logos - Salient Features of Restaurant Logo Design

Logo and logo Designs in General

Logos are an entity to business. Many times, it is because of these logos that the companies manage and succeed in the market as well as in the minds of the public for years. There are many examples in front of us; the reason due to which they survive is their design, color, etc. Here, we are talking about the logos related to restaurants.

Obviously, when you refer to restaurants, the first picture which comes to mind is food. Generally, you find food stuff on logos of restaurants, and if food stuff is not present, you will find the name of the meal; either one of these is found in every logo.

As said before, the skill of the company must be visible by its logo. The following are the components you will find in logos related to restaurants:

Colors related to food:
Generally, you will find colors that link your memory to any sort of food stuff. For instance, the McDonald's logo shows an 'M' but with yellow. What does that money? It relates to the fried but dry stuff they usually sell. Same with the Pizza Hut logo, it shows a hut's roof but in red, and this red color represent the ketchup color, used in pizzas.

Restaurant logo Design

Designing linked to taste:
These logos are very skillfully designed. Generally, you find food or drinking stuff on the logo, designed with special features like depicting the aroma coming out from a hot cup of coffee. This aroma reminds you of hot coffee and you feel like having it. This is the art of logo designing.

Fonts in these types of logos do not matter that much. The only thing is that they should not be high lighted or if they are they must reflect the product. Also, as in the example of McDonald given above, there is a big high lightened M there, but with the color of fried food stuff, which depicts fried food. All these are a combined constituent of building a perfect logo. Another reason, for the survival of these logos in the market, is that they should be appropriate according to the business service provided. The logo must say what a marketing agent would say about the business when promoting it.


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