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Orthodontic Logos – Elements of an Orthodontic Logo Design

Orthodontics is the specialty of dentistry that deals with the treatment of dental and facial irregularities. Orthodontists or dental specialists usually practice privately at clinics. Therefore they require a unique identity for showing their professional services and treatment procedures to the dental industry.

An Orthodontic logo is the best way to embody the treatment procedures, services and techniques of orthodontics to the patients. Orthodontic logos should be designed in a professional and creative manner in order to draw the attention of patients. Here are a few important elements of orthodontic logos that should be taken into consideration while creating them.

Colors associated with Orthodontic Logos
In orthodontic logos mostly soft colors are used to create the feelings of comfort and ease, as an orthodontic treatment may be painful. Colors such as pink, white, yellow, different shades of blue, green are often used in orthodontic logos.

Relevant Graphics for an Orthodontic Logo Design
Clear graphics and creative design elements are also important for designing an orthodontic logo design. Images of braces, teeth, dental tools or smiling lips can give a clear-cut impact of this dental practice to the onlookers.

Orthodontic Logos, Orthodontic Logo Design

Inclusion of Professional Fonts in an Orthodontic Logo
Choosing the right fonts is very important, as it gives a reliable and credible look to the orthodontic logos. Fonts such as Ariel, Verdana, Times New Roman and Corsiva can be used in an orthodontic log design to instill more professional and serious feelings in the patients.

These are some important features that can effectively contribute to the making of a professional orthodontic logo design. It can serve as a worthwhile identity tool for dental practitioners and provide them a reliable name in the dental industry. Orthodontic logos can significantly build a strong rapport between dental professionals and their patients.


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