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Lawyer Logos - How to Come Up With A Professional Lawyer Logo Design




Being an outstanding lawyer in the competitive field of law is surely no easy task. You need a number of attributes to take you up the ladder of success. One such attribute is your own personal lawyer logo design. If you are keen on being noticed, then you should start thinking on a creative and unique lawyer logo design.

Lawyers are the embodiment of professionalism; hence lawyer logos demands professionalism too. This means there should not be an excessive use of colors, no flashy images and no laid back text. Read on to understand some basic features of lawyer logos and try to envision your own creative lawyer logo.
Images Used for Lawyer Logos
The object most commonly associated with law is the balance scale. Considered as the symbol of law, almost every law firm and lawyer utilizes this symbol in their lawyer logo design. If you think this is redundant you can chose to skip this option. However, if you still want to use this symbol for your logo then the logo designer can surely come up with creative ways to manipulate the image to look good without making it seem redundant....Continue Reading
Colors Used in Lawyer Logo Designs
Due to the demand of professionalism, logo designers avoid using multiple colors for lawyer logo design. The logo is often kept bland with main colors such as grey, silver, black, brown, and blue that are utilized as font colors. Some lawyer logos would have the whole logo in one color, while some others bring in two shades of colors. It is suggested that you utilize at least two distinctive shades to make your logo stand out.
Fonts Used in Lawyer Logos
Fonts used in lawyer logos are often simple, bold and in a single color without any additional affects. Some law firms just have the firm's initials as logos with a tag line around it. For this the text is given a little additional extra affects but it is still kept as simple as possible.

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