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5 Messages Hospital Logos should Subliminally Convey

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The expectations from people and hospitals and healthcare facilities when it comes to the design of their logos is very high. They want their patients to feel the safest, most secure and comfortable, and they want all these messages to be conveyed across through the clever design of their brand. Some examples shown below embody these messages quite effectively.

However, at times the client may not be able to provide the designers with accurate goals and visions to create the graphic and what is designed is something useless when applied to hospitals or medical clinics.

So here are 6 messages that must always be kept in mind when designing hospital or medical brands related to doctors, physicians or any other healthcare provider including vets!...Continue Reading
1. Care
People expect the top most care from all the staff at a hospital, and the graphic for such an institution must reflect this needed quality. "When I look at the logo of a hospital, I want to feel instantly secure and warm with the idea that I’ll be taken care of," said a patient interviewed at a local hospital.

Using the right colors, especially blue and green, is a great idea as the psychological reaction associated with these colors is care and wellbeing. The cultural symbols associated with care and love can be used as well and combined together they reflect the good faith any caretaker would like to project:
2. A Friendly Environment
Staying at a hospice or medical facility is brutal for the patient and the family. That is why the medical clinic or physicians group has to project the ambiance as being friendly. A hospital environment where the doctors, nurses and other healthcare practitioners are amiable and kind to patients and considerate to the family will be make the stay much more tolerable. This is especially true for children’s hospitals as young ones are typically scared of the prospect of going to a hospital. But even hospitals for adults have to have a friendly ambience, and a great brand is one which projects this image of a hospital and healthcare facility to all patients…in one glance!

An effective way to do this is to use appropriate images and symbols so that people can relate to the complete center:
3. Professionalism and Dedicated Services
People expect the very best from a hospital’s services. There are absolutely no compromises when it comes to healthcare. That’s why the medical facility has to convey strong and convincing messages about the professionalism of the staff on board and their dedication to serve their patients with total care and honesty. The most effective way to do this is to use standard, traditional typefaces as these show elegance and professionalism quite starkly. Look at how professional an image of the hospital is created, thanks to the smart use of font styles in the examples shown here:
4. Freshness and Vitality
Hospitals are usually associated with boredom and monotony that makes the visit dreadful. The brand image for a hospital should have that fresh appeal to it, making people believe that when they go to a hospital, they will come back feeling fresher and more energetic and not vice versa. Using natural symbols, such as hearts, birds, human figure sketches, etc. is a clever way to evoke feelings of freshness and vitality when one looks at the hospital. Using green is also a good idea as the color is generally associated with freshness.
5. Resurrection
A strong but essential message medical and care facilities must project is resurrection. After all, when one recovers from an illness, one does feel resurrected, as if they have been given a new life. A smart way to evoke such feelings is to include trusted symbols associated with healthcare and wellbeing, such as the Red Cross, or even the caduceus, a popular symbol associated with health and medicine. Using clever images, such as the symbolic sketch that looks like a tree is also a way of showing growth and life for portraying the message of resurrection in then brand.
Now the next time you want to design hospital logos or redesign an existing one, go through this list of important messages that the logo must convey. Follow the tips and tactics discussed to evoke the right feelings in patients to make them trust a certain hospital facility.

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