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Football Logos - Salient Features of a Good Football Logo Design




Football logos are extremely fun to design. That's because logo designers find it very easy to relate to sports especially one that is as popular as football. Creating a football logo design follows the same conventional protocols of graphic design as any other logo design project. Below we will mention a few important aspects of good designing to our logo designers.

Football Logos Should Have Football
Adding images to any logo can significantly boost its appeal. For football logos, the effect is even more astounding. Logo designers should try to include football images in their logos. They must be cautious though. Refrain from using images from the internet. These images even free come with a huge risk of trademark infringement. Therefore create your own designs....Continue Reading
Using Colors to Add Appeal and Elegance
Color is also a very important and often times are a mandatory part of a football logo design. Clients are very keen on adding colors in order to give their logo a much needed zest. However logo designers should not get carried away with colors. Use no more than three contrasting colors and apply them accordingly.
Impact of Good Fonts on Football Logo Designs
Not many companies can pull off a logo without the use of text. Text is required for almost all types of logos. This makes font type and size a key element of these logo designs. Logo designers have dozens of great fonts at their disposable. Always create multiple design drafts that feature different types of fonts to give clients the much desired flexibility in making their decision.

Using the above mentioned tips, logo designers can confidently create appealing football logo designs for their respective clients.

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