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6 Reasons why Symbols and Images are Popularly Used with Fitness Logos

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Look around for some graphics for fitness centers and gyms and you’ll notice that they are never only name or initial-based. In most cases, logos for gyms and fitness centers have an image – either a shape-based one or person based - as a part of their graphic.

Very rarely will one come across the logo of a fitness club without any image. Why is that so? What is the power of symbols and images for these graphical representations? ...Continue Reading
Reason # 1: The Right Images Evoke Aspirational and Motivational Feelings in People
The number one reason to support symbolic imagery is that they help people aspire change. The body builder outline in your gym graphic symbol may make someone in the audiencedetermined to be strong or a curvy stick figure may evoke the desire to be fit and in shape. Either way, an onlooker can be motivated to try out the gym and hope to become fitter and leaner, just as some of the symbols will promise in the image. Some great examples worth noting are shown below:

Reason # 2: Shape-Based SymbolsProjectthe Image of an Energetic and Happening Fitness Club
Fitness emblems also create a sense of relation to the ambience of a gym or fitness center. Will it be a place where one will enjoy going to? Or does it look like the gym is more a walking club for the elderly? The use of clever imagery can help create the former impression about your fitness club. For instance, designs that convey messages of energy, motion and activity are highly successful. Check out the smart use of shapes below to convey these strong messages through the logos:

Reason # 3: Symbols help identify the Target Audience of a Fitness Center
The appropriate use of imagery and symbols can inform the audience of the center demographics as well. For instance, the usual gym logos seen with weight-lifters and bodybuilders can easily be associated with men. Similarly, logos that have curvy figures or wavy shapes denote that the target audience being catered to is women. In fact, these days’ gyms and activity clubs are also being designed for children, with playful images used in the design. There are fitness clubs where both men and women are welcome, and the images used in their logos are best kept neutral, such as a shape, or a unique design element showing speed, etc.
Can you identify the target audience in the graphical representations of fitness clubs and gyms below?

Reason # 4: Symbols
While text based symbols are quite popular, using imagery in a design does attract more people. Humans are drawn towards striking and eye-catching pictures and objects, and that’s why many exercise clubs and gyms have some symbolic images for their brand. In fact, they also induce feelings of curiosity in an onlooker’s mind about the meaning behind a symbol, making them contemplate over and subconsciously remember the name of the company.

Reason # 5: Community in the Fitness Center
It's essential to work in a group when it comes to fitness or exercise classes to derive the needed motivation. By having a symbol, people gradually begin associating themselves with the brand and the symbol, thus developing a sense of belonging to a certain gym or fitness group. Wherever they see the image they will immediately be reminded of the wonderful experience they have while working out, entrenching the brand name further in people’s minds. Take a look at some of these catchy symbols used in fitness logos:

Reason # 6: Making the Fitness Group Distinct
The entire point of having a brand is to create a distinct identity that allows the gym or physical training center stand apart from other groups. There are so many gyms, physical training centers, personal trainers and exercise groups around today that it is easy to jumble up the names and identities of all of them. However, if you include a distinct, uncommon image in your brand identity, there is a strong chance it will help make your exercise center stand out, and will help people remember it more too. What’s important is to include an image that is not too mundane. It has to be creatively designed to actually stand out in the sea of fitness centers.

After knowing the power of images and symbols, do include one in your fitness logo. But remember to make it creative, distinct and outstandingly attractive to yield the best results.

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