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Creating logos which possesses beauty and professionalism does not require one to "think outside the box" to come up with creative ideas. All that is required of the designer is a thorough understanding of the basic qualities of logo design. These include the use of careful use of typography, the incorporation of graphic elements, minimal use of colors, legibility of fonts, font size and how well your logos adapt in other mediums.

Mediums can include business cards, billboards, newsletters, invoices, clothing, cars and buses. Logo designers have to figure out how to create a logo that possesses the maximum beauty and elegance without being gaudy and ostentatious....Continue Reading
Listed below is a brief guide of the various aspects of elegant logo design, and how the designs impact the minds of the customers. Paying attention to ideas like simplicity and a limited color palette, can lead to the design of some of the most elegant logos.
Emphasis is on simplicity. Whether it involves the inclusion of text, fonts, color or graphic elements, care must be taken not to corrupt the company image with the inclusion of exaggerated designs. Elegant logos enhance a company's business image to the consumer. It is through the visual representation of your logo that clients are given a distinct view of what your company is offering.

Take care not to clutter up your overall logo with too many graphics. The application of straightforward text can have pronounced effects on the overall logo design.
Color use
The application of color is an important aspect to consider when designing logos to augment your image among potential clients. Do not overuse colors. Each color has a different meaning to the customers. Some of the most elegant logos in the world boast of a maximum of two colors and sometimes no color at all.
Use of indecipherable Fonts
A common mistake amateur logo designers tend to make is the use of fonts that are meaningless to the intended customers. Gothic, and child oriented fonts are a rarity among elegant logos. The most commonly used fonts are included Arial, Times New Roman and Microsoft Sans Serif. Apart from imparting a professional look, they have the quality of imparting a distinctive manifestation to the design of an elegant logo.

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