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Education Logos - Salient Features of Education Logo Design

Logo Design Guru is proud to support accredited educational institutions. Please contact us at 877.525.5646 to discuss a special discount, which we provide to universities, colleges, and other accredited schools.

General View

Whether it's a college logo design, university logo design, your educational logo design not only establishes the image of an educational institution, it can also convey a message about your viewpoint on education to the educational community, or convey areas of specialization to prospective students. Depending on the nature of your institution, various colors and styles may be used to denote the name of your institution in your logo design. For example, companies in the technology industry tend to utilize very bold colors, and graphics that represent the company's niche field.

What colors should educational logos use?

When it comes to educational logo design, a designer needs to consider the viewpoint of the students that attend the educational institution. While an educational logo design for a preschool or kindergarten might use very bright primary colors, and maybe even a "cartoon like" graphic, an educational logo design for a college or university might use more subdued yet bold colors (such as burgundy, navy, or emerald green) and a graphic that either reflects the history of the institution, or an area of study that the institution specializes in.

A well-planned college or university logo design should include some sort of abstract graphic to help it stand out from other educational institutions, and use a simple type treatment on the name of the institution.

A great sample of a well-executed college logo design is the logo design for Penn State University. The Penn State University logo includes a badge comprised of their mascot, the Nittany Lion, along with the date the university was established. This badge is displayed just under the name of the university, which is written in a clean and professional typeface. At first glance of the Penn State logo, one understands that this is a professional educational institution with an established history to back it up.

How flexible should an educational logo be?

An educational logo design must not only be captivating to the younger generation. It must also have the ability to instill a feeling of inspiration for prospective students.

Many colleges or universities distribute a large variation of branded products such as pens and pencils, tee shirts, sweatshirts, notebooks, and license plate frames. Because of this, a logo designer must also consider how the logo will be used when creating a college logo design or university logo design. The logo must have the ability to be scaled down small enough to fit the width of a pencil, but should also create a presence when blown up for an illuminated sign on the side of the football stadium.

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