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Dental Logos - Leading Features of Dental Logo Design




The dental industry is one medical field that is sometimes feared by patients, however it is highly important. With so many private practices in existence, staying competitive is vital. One great way to do so is with an incredible logo, which highlights the industry and also is inviting and elegant to show patients that their teeth can be trusted with that particular practitioner.

Of course, when you think of a dentist, you right away picture teeth. Illustrations of teeth are the images that are most commonly used in dental logos. Often the image will be combined with illustrations of dental tools or large smiling lips. Other dental practices choose not to show teeth at all. Some may choose a more classic look, such as colored linear designs or flowers or simply a decorative font. All of these are well accepted, but depend on the preference of the practice.

Colors associated with dental logos
The most prevalent colors among dental logos include white, pink and red, based on the idea of a person’s mouth. Colors trigger most memory in the brain; therefore colors with significant references are usually best. Green is also an important color because a dark green or even blue often bring some professionalism to a logo. They are soft, comfortable colors which leave a person at ease...Continue Reading
Illustrative Dental logos
It is common among dental professionals to design their dental logos with a lot of attention paid to illustration and detail. For example, foamy bubbles or a toothbrush with toothpaste on the bristles among a mouthful of white teeth gives a great image and says right away to any passerby that dentistry is practiced in that location.

Logo design creativity is endless and there are still so many more options available. Animated pictures of friendly teeth performing daily activities can also be used as illustrative designs to create a sense of happiness, amusement and security among the young dental patients.

Children in the age bracket of 2 to 5 years old have a tendency to cry when they arrive at their dentist for regular dental and oral checkups, with their dental practitioner. Any animated faces of teeth in the dental logos will make them feel more at home and relaxed. This is why illustration in a dental logo is an important feature in dental logo design.
Inclusion of text and other fonts in dental logos
Though it is not necessary to include text in such logos, it is common among dental practitioners to associate their company and possibly their own names with dental logos. Fonts, such as Times New Roman and Corsiva can be used in order to lend that feeling of professionalism in the work the dentists perform. A timeless and classic dental logo will lend credibility to any practice.

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