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Construction Logos - Leading Features of Construction Logo Design




Logos are a great way to highlight a company’s name and the services that it has to offer clients. One great thing about a company logo is that it has the ability to be manipulated in an assorted number of ways, which allows it to include text, animation, symbols, and even 3-D effects.

Since logos are so common and diverse among so many large and small businesses, companies tend to associate their logos with their corporate identity. Logos can create a individual trademark for companies and the products that they sell. Company logos add an extra degree of authenticity to the business or company involved. Today, logo design is an extremely vital way to promote businesses in a global economy. With major competition on the rise, logo designs can help keep a company competitive while making a bold and tasteful statement....Continue Reading
With so many different options for products and services, consumers have a wide variety to choose from and the visual memorization of a logo can truly help sell a product. When people see a logo often, they can associate it in their minds much better than words alone. Consumers place a great amount of trust in the quality and value of a product or service they by simply glancing at a respective logo. The design of the company logo speaks out in volumes, especially if the logo is endorsed with a trademark.

Internet advertising is another hugely popular way to promote a company and simply flashing a logo design on a message board or a news ticker will help the logo be seen by a wider range of viewers. A good trademark logo will aid the business in amplifying its online clients on the World Wide Web. Through the application of well-designed logos in company brochures and newsletters, they will be able to generate a lot of revenue from their consumers and clients.
Icons used in Construction Logo Design
Construction companies have a high tendency to associate their logo designs with environmental surroundings and forest animals. These include trees, rivers, birds, deer, beavers and many other woodland type creatures.

Civil engineering companies, which deal with the planning, implementation and maintenance of fixed structures such as road surfacing procedures, traffic, flood control and tall steel structures, will tend to associate their logos with pictures or icons of heavy duty steel pipes or animated groups of construction workers, with a number of construction tools in the background.

Many other construction companies may want a more simplistic style and have a tendency to add a tinge of minimalism to their logos. Icons of cottages or houses with a chimney emitting smoke are considered to be good constructional logo designs because it says what it needs to say without adding any unnecessary words or comments. It is more likely to find construction companies associating their company logo designs with pictures of smashed and dilapidated buildings, roads that are under construction, bridges, canals and dams. All of these are great ways to show what the company offers. Sometimes just a company name will cause a consumer to question its services, but a logo along with the name can wrap it all up nicely and with flair.
Use of Colors
The use of color also makes a bold statement and helps sell the company or product. The most common colors construction companies use in their logo designs are blue, yellow, deep red, and light orange. Each of these colors tends to depict a certain thought in a consumers mind that associates the color with the service. Red signifies danger, and orange is a bright warning color. We often see these colors at construction sites which is why we associate them well together. Construction professionals apply this color in their logo to recreate that image that is in our heads and start visual memorization to help promote their company. Care must be taken not to integrate too many colors in a construction logo, as they will destroy the idea and goal that the company is trying to share with its clients.

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