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Logo Design Lessons from 5 Top Computer Companies

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Whether you are an IT services company, a PC assembler, a desktop manufacturer or a software development company, you will need a powerful image to become the identity of your brand. Because computers and IT are an essential hallmark representing the new technological age with rapid advancements, the logos designed for computer companies have to appear modern, updated and with a smooth, technological appeal to them. Some great examples worth checking out are shown below

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1. Dell
So without much ado let’s start with Dell. This established and highly respected computer manufacturer is one that you can identify even from a distance. Over the years, their identity has become a symbol of high quality computer hardware, and people trust any product that has been labelled with this logo.

Lessons from Dell:
There are many things that the Dell’s logo teaches us about designing:
  • Usecolors that have a corporateimpact, such as shades of blue and black
  • Keep the logo simple but elegant with creative use of shapes
  • Spell out the name clearly so that it is readable, but with an artistic twist to it, as in the letter ‘E’ in the company’s logo

2. Toshiba
The highlight of Toshiba’s image is its red and black color theme. Red is symbolic of the company’s passion, courage and openness to change. Meanwhile, black represents supremacy and elegance of the company in the IT and computers industry. The tagline has been cleverly added to represent the ideology of this recognized brand.

Lessons from the Logo:
Top learning ideas that emerge from looking at Toshiba’s are:
  • Clever use of a catchy and short tagline
  • Use of colors that represent strong and positive characteristics of your company (for instance, using silver to signify perfection and sophistication)
  • A sober and professional-looking text style, especially if your company prides on high quality of its products

3. Apple
Apple’s is distinctive on products as well as marketing collaterals. Why? Because Apple has used silver and grey to represent quality and perfection. The use of an abstract image of an apple evokes curiosity in people’s minds and makes them want to know more about the company.

Lessons from the Logo:
The brand conveys many ideas that designers can benefit from:
  • Use abstract images to attract users and make them curious to know more about the company
  • Avoid clutter to focus on the symbol and the brand
  • Add "shininess" or realistic touch to create visual appeal and realism to reflect an evolving company that advances with the growth in technology

4. IBM
The blue color in IBM is so famous that analysts have nick-named the company the ‘Big Blue’. The 8 bars are an excellent representation of the digital age, and also bedazzle people with their unique visual appeal.

Lessons from the Logo:
IBM in all its professionalism and sophistication teaches us a thing or two:
  • Use imagery that complements the technological and digital age.
  • Select corporate color theme, the most popular being blue.
  • Use your company initialsbut in a way that it makes you stand out exclusively from the competition.

5. Microsoft
A list of the most recognized technology companies Microsoft. The most remarkable feature of Microsoft is that it has evolved not only in symbolic appeal that makes people recognize it instantly but also in its use of flat technological trend.

Lessons from the Logo:
There are many things one can learn from the Microsoft:
  • Keep updating to reflect on a company that adapts well to changing technology
  • Make design appear modern, by using the latest technology (flat design here)
  • Use symbols that represent something unique and iconic about the company

All these logos have strong messages and are well-recognized all over the world. Adopt some of their lessons to create a great computer brand identity of your own.

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