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6 Ways to Create Mouth-Watering Catering Logos that Tantalize Customers' Taste Buds

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For catering businesses, the logo is usually the last thing on owners’ minds when food, event arrangements, etc. are riding high on the priority list. But never forget that the first step to attracting a customer to your catering business is to market and brand your company name very well, and the use of appropriate event management designs makes a world of a difference in that.

So the first step towards ensuring the success of your catering business starts from an eye-catching, wonderfully designed business identity.

So, how does one go about creating eye-catching logos for businesses in the event management world of dining and serving? The designs have to not only attract customers, but also establish a strong recognition in people's minds?

1. Make Use of Color Psychology
Color psychology is a very interesting concept, and owners of catering businesses can employ this for their business logos. There is strong evidence in support of using red for your brand graphic because of the powerful hunger-inducing appeal it has. Similarly, orange and rich greens are also very effective in accentuating one’s hunger, while the use of red as a supplementary color has been shown to indicate high quality. On the flip side, purple and shades of blue are said to suppress hunger, and should be avoided for logos of food based companies. If you notice the brand graphics of famous catering companies, you’ll identify these common color themes. ...Continue Reading
2. Avoid Too Many Colors
Cluttering up your design with too many colors is not a very smart strategy either. A simple color theme lets the brand graphic speak and leaves a great impression on an onlooker’s mind. Neutral colors or those such as the ones mentioned above work well, and help focus on the logo and the message it conveys. Too many colors, especially bright colors, will confuse people and not register any meaningful impressions. For instance, look at some logos of well-known catering companies and the minimalist but smart use of colors in them.
3. Create a Professional Image of the Gourmet Business
At the end of the day, catering to events is a serious business where customers have to be kept happy, everything has to be well-managed and well-organized, and a lot more. That’s why it is important all businesses in the field to reflect a strong essence of professionalism, such as through the use of high-quality vector graphics in logos, an appropriate use of neutral and complementing colors, an inviting but not nonchalant font style, etc.

If you look at the graphic below, the designer has attempted to keep it very contemporary and modern, but still maintains a touch of class, sophistication and professionalism that your design should also aspire for.

4. Show Your Unique Advantage
Every caterer has something that is the niche of their products or services. Perhaps you specialize in weddings, or gourmet dining, perhaps it’s BBQ that you take pride in. Make sure that your graphic shows this; start highlighting your specialty. For instance, a beautiful wedding cake could be an appropriate symbol for a pastry caterer who is known among clients for his/her cakes. Similarly, if organic food is your line of specialty, why not use symbols of barley stalks, plants, vegetables or green colors in the logo design.
5. Use Complementary Images
The symbols and images used for event planning designs must complement your specialty and the general persona of your brand. Usually, companies in the cookery or dining industry use images that match the name of the company, as some of the examples below will highlight. So, a Texas-based catering company “All Occasions of Texas” has the flag of the state in its logo graphic; Artistic catering has a creatively arranged array of cutlery in its brand design; and Red Apron catering has an iconic red apron as a part of its brand graphic.
6. Include a Powerful Tagline
Most successful companies include a powerful tagline with their logos. It is essential that your tagline highlights the best service or product you have on offer, to help you stand out from the competition. For instance, if you have a budget-friendly catering service, you could add the tagline ‘catering within your means’; or if you excel in doing BBQ as a part of your services, the tagline could say ‘tastefully done BBQs’. Some examples of catchy taglines used with catering logos include ‘Healthy Food Catering’, ‘Fresh and Healthy Gourmet Food’, ‘Food-Fun-Spirits’, etc.
The art of designing identities for caterers, dining industry professionals and businesses in event management and catering should be artful and profitable as well.

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