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Carwash Logos - What Makes a Unique Carwash Logo Design




Designing carwash logos shouldn't be hard, considering the diverse involvement of various objects that acts as metaphors for a car wash logo design. You don't have to necessarily use serious or professional images; sometimes an abstract image also does the trick well. At the end of it, it's your creativity that gets the prize!
How to Use Colors for Carwash Logo Design
Carwash logos provide a good platform for creative logo designers. It doesn't restrict the designer to colors as other related industry designs do. Funky, splashy colors like red, green, blue can all be used to create amazingly creative carwash logos. This type of logo is often good news for a logo designer as he gets to play with multiple colors. ...Continue Reading
How to Use Images for Carwash Logos
The use of images is also diversified in carwash logos. A logo designer can use images of an elephant blowing water out of its trunk to indicate a carwash or he can use water waves, water bubbles around a car to indicate a soapy bubble bath for the car. Carwash logos are usually associated with fun, freshness and cleanliness; hence a number of metaphors can be used without harming creative intelligence.
How to Use Text for Carwash Logo Designs
Like colors and images, text is also given a fun and creative platform. A majority of carwash logos have funky or bold text that represents creativity and cheerfulness. Depending on the requirements of your client, tag lines can also be incorporated in the logo design.

Carwash logo designs are fun to create, easy on the eye and should represent the main objective of the car wash business.

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