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Why Brand and Logos Are Important For Your Business

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When a company launches any new product or service, the most important task is to properly promote and create awareness for it. One of the main aspects of marketing is branding which helps people to identify and differentiate that product from the rest of those that already exist in the market. People mostly confuse themselves with what brand and logos are and sometimes consider both as the same. Understanding the difference between the two will help them get a firm grip over what they are actually talking about.

Understanding the Difference betweenBrandand Logos
Brands are basically the name, design or any feature of a particular product that differentiates it from the rest of the products in the same market. To create a strong brand you need to make sure that you satisfy your target market by providing them what they are looking for in your brand so that they stay loyal to you and don’t think of switching to any other....Continue Reading
For instance, Intel and HP are two different brands of the technology sector bearing different credibility, identity and loyalty in the market.

As far as logos are concerned every brand has their own identity which distinguishes them and helps the target market to remember and recall the brand just by getting a glimpse of it. It is a symbol or an icon consisting of different colors, shapes and design.

If we talk about the automobile industry there are many famous car brands with different logos but let just take this one as an example.

This is a logo of the most famous sports car brand Ferrari which is recognized by all those who are into sports cars and car racing.

Knowing the difference between brands and logos may help you in the process of getting one designed for your company.
Leaving A Long Lasting Impression
The first impression is the last impression (or in this case a lasting one).

Making customers remember your logo is certainly an achievement which allows the customers to stay loyal to your brand. Now how to do that.

Brands can mark an impression in the mind of the customers with the help of different elements being used in its identity.

Use colors to impress. Using different colors in your logo can make a difference in how customers perceive your brand. For example:

  • White can be used to depict peace or purity.
  • Red to reflect boldness or excitement.
  • Yellow to give the illusion of fun and energy.
  • Pink is often related to delicacy and gentleness.

Try symbols for size. Symbols are easily imprint on the minds of viewers, and hence often used in logos for creating brand identities. For instance, consider symbols of a mermaid in the Starbucks logo, or the cute robot in the Android logo.

Consider script type. Many businesses just use scripted text or initials of their brand names in their logos which is one good idea because it only makes the logo look precise, unique and easy to remember just the way DHL and HP has done with their logos.
Globally recognized brands and logos
Some of the top brands and their logos which reflect uniqueness and authenticity are as shown as below.

By looking at this ESPN logo, one can easily tell what we are talking about here. Yes! The total sports network. A simple and unique logo design with a sporty font style, so that it reflects the industry type from which it belongs.

Smart phones are being used by everyone these days and the above shown logo is of Android, one of the best operating systems. This logo is admired by all its users as it is easy to remember and designed perfectly as per the industry type. This logo bears no typography but just an image which still makes it a top logo among its target audience.

Take a look at the next example of another famous brand that uses its name along with the shapes and different colors in its logo to differentiate itself from the rest of the cigarette brands. It is none other than the famous cigarette brand Marlboro.

This is the best example of a logo which is as famous as the brand itself. The logo is designed with basic colors and font that is likely to match with the overall style of the design.How we know it’s an established brand is because Marlboro smokers rarely change their preference once they are hooked to this brand. Wherever they see the logo, they have certain associations attached to it and they stay loyal to it no matter what.

These are a few examples of brands and logos designed to attract customers regardless of whether they are using the brand or not.
The Power of Brandsand Logos
Brands and logos are equally important for all types of products and services because these aspects help businesses make profits. A powerful brand should have a symbol that can be figured out among thousands of similar brands.The designing of your brand icon should be such that by looking at it for the first time, it makes an impact on the customer that he or she desires to learn more about the brand and urges to use it. Being attractive and exclusive is something that customers admire and seek in any product or service. This increases the credibility and enhances the brand image that you create in the market.

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