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5 Ways to Zest up Sober and Sophisticated Bank Logos

Bank | Financial Institute

As guardians of people’s hard-earned money, banks have a lot of work cut out for them. But as important as managing others’ finances is portraying a sound, recognizable and trustworthy image of themselves, and a good financial institute identity is exceedingly instrumental for that.


If you notice, some of the most famous logos of financial institutions and banks are quite sober, and yet they are not plain boring and do make customers feel instant recognition and trust when they see these logos. The catch in designing banking industrygraphics is making something that is interesting and catchy, and yet not too outrageously ostentatious. Check out some of the examples below for inspiration.


But how can you make aninstitutional design that is sober looking but does not resemble something designed by plain Jane? Actually, there are some quite clever tactics and techniques you can employ, and we are baring out the fine ones out for you to use when you next sit down to design a bank logo.


Brightening up Sober Bank Logos

The problem logo designers often face with designingan identity for banking institutions is that they end up looking too plain and simple. But sophistication doesn’t mean you need to compromise on the catchiness of a symbol. If you pay heed to some of the tips mentioned below, you will easily be able to design banking institutions’ logos that are both vibrant and sophisticated.


1. Include a Unique Symbol

A symbol within the design best reflects the attributes of that bank and the helps develop an instant recognition for the institution. For instance, if you look at the graphic identity of the very famous Merrill Lynch, the bull indicates an aggressive strategy to grow and become stronger in the financial market. It also reflects dominance, since Merrill Lynch is one of the most established financial giants in the world today. Thus, you can also include a fiery symbol appropriate to the banking institution for which the logo is being made to zest up a boring look.



2. Stylized but Sophisticated Text Style

Adopting a plain and redundantly traditional font style will easily show that not a lot of time was spent in creating a certain bank logo. Text styles for banks are quite challenging as you cannot have something too angled and too artsy, but yet it shouldn’t look like a replica of the Times New Roman font. Of course the text should be clear and it should also be simple and traditional to reflect professionalism. But, one can add a touch of class and style to it by angling the text slightly, using thicker styles of text, making one word in the name stylized, etc. The Charles Schwab logo has done this beautifully.




3. A Subconscious Message about the Bank

By making your logo appear as if it’s trying to convey a message about the bank, one can make customers curious and also make them want to know the bank better. So by including something that carries a hint of what the bank is all about, you can help spice up the brand in a subtle way. For instance, the blue and red logo of the bank of America tries to mimic an American flag and is a message of patriotism. Similarly, the Deutsche Bank’s serious font style and shape-based logo shows a business-like, no-fuss approach to banking.




4. Combine Single Bright-Toned Color with Blue and Black Tones

You can add some color but it doesn’t have to be blue and black all the time. That doesn’t mean you should go out of the way and design something which looks like an artist’s color palette. A better idea is to include just a single bright tone – usually red – with sober colors such as black and navy blue. Sometimes, a bright, royal blue also gives a good balance of vibrancy and sophistication. The logo of Key Bank with a red key symbol is a great example.



5. A Design that Portrays Trust and Reliability

Notwithstanding all the style tips and ideas mentioned above, you need to make sure that institutions brand always portray trust, reliability and professionalism. You can make the most sophisticated design possible, but if it has that subtle message of trust missing in it, customers will not be that attracted to the bank. Use of clear, serious typography, avoiding showy symbols and colors, etc. are ways of showing professionalism and a dedication to the business.


Overall, banks are very important institutions for the economic growth of any country, and the logo you design must reflect this important role that banks play.

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