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What NOT to Do When Creating 'Jamming' Band Logos

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From Metallica to the Black Sabbath, there’s something very memorable, very 'metallic' attached to these names. And the moment you see the logo of Metallica with the elongated 'M' and 'A', you are instantly drawn to that golden era of exemplary music. That is the power of a strong band graphic, such as some contemporary ones shown below.

The most fascinating part of having a logo for the entertainment ensembles is the kind of emotional attachment fans feel towards a band they like. Band logos give an image, an identity to the intangible (yet intense) associations people have with their favorites. To derive inspiration from some of the most remarkable logos recognized and respected in the music industry, you ought to walk through the golden era of bands when some logos of very popular bands became a known image around the world....Continue Reading
The Golden Era of Band Logos
There are countless well-known examples of logos associated with famous music groups for you to get inspired by. Some of them have become so deeply etched in the minds of people, that just a glance can make one recall the tune.

The Rolling Stones
This red tongue is claimed to be the most popular logo in the history of rock music. A lapping tongue between two lips is reminiscent of the Rolling Stones' youthful rock and roll music. Debuted in the 1960s with the band's first album, the logo has become an emblem of rock music since it surfaced.
The Beatles
This graphic symbol of the Beatles on a cell phone cover goes to show that even over 5 decades later, the band has established a strong identity. A text-based graphic, it allows the identity of the band to outshine itself, making it appear larger than life. You will find this simple but easily identifiable Beatles logo on t-shirts, mugs, key chains, notebooks and bags even today.
Bee Gees
The calligraphic text of the Bee Gees name has been very cleverly designed. It is clear enough to spell out the name of this well-known band with perfection, and the calligraphic font style has a rock and disco appeal attached to it – a perfect summation of what the band was all about in those days.
There's something archaic about this identity of Renaissance. And yet there's something modern about it. That's what this band was all about - a perfect amalgamation of rock, folk and classical forms of music.
What Should Your Music Symbol Represent?
If we've learnt anything from some of the golden era, it is that the logo of a band must represent the genre of music as well as the type of songs that band performs. The moment a fan or even somebody who doesn't follow your music passionately sees your graphic identity, it should say a thing or two about the kind of music they’ll be listening to. Thus, the process is not an easy one, especially as far as the conceptual design of band logos is concerned.
Creating Logos forMusical Groups - Mistakes to Avoid
It's safe to say you will have to spend a considerable amount of time coming up with a perfect logo for your band. The most amount of time is usually spent on creating something unique that also projects the image and central ideology of a band.

Begin with choosing an appropriate image, text, font style, colors, etc. to come up with aidentity that speaks volumes about the music, and also establishes an instant recognition and connection with fans. However, a mistake here and there can really play havoc with the whole design process.

Be careful of the following when designing band logos:
1. Using colors that are too bright
If you notice the colors of the popular groups designed for popular bands, you’ll see that earthy shades are generally used, such as greens, browns, black, grey, blue, etc. This is so because these shades work best with songs that usually have deep meanings. Also, very bright, neon colors will mask the flavor of the music and bedazzle the audience a bit too much. However, a combination of red with such earthy colors is a popular theme for these logos.
2. Choosing a plain font style
There is a reason why font styles of bands are often angled and stylized; such styles reflect a hint of groovy music, something out of the ordinary, something creative and something people will enjoy. While plain and traditional font styles will be clear enough for one to read, they are best left for financial logos or bank logos where sobriety is of greater importance.
3. Not including something that makes the logo unique
For the Beatles, it is an elongated 'T'; for the Rolling Stones it's a pair of lips; what is that unique element in your band logo? Whether it's a unique image such as a CD wearing headphones or a dancing guitar, or a specially stylized text with a hint of red in a letter alone, there has to be something unique about your logo that makes it stand out.
4. Using the wrong software
Using outdated software is not the best approach to adopt to create band logos. Make sure you use a proper software such as the Adobe Illustrator or better still, use the expertise available from websites or a logo maker to create something outstanding and done to perfection.

These tips will surely help you create the best logo possible for your band. Get inspiration from some of the examples mentioned, and get started with a groovy journey through some fabulous band logo designs.

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