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3 Types of Automobile Logos: Creativity and Visual Appeal

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There is a very good reason why logos for automobile companies are so important: they travel all over the world! So the logo you design will literally become your identity wherever the car or automotive goes so designing the most appropriate, stylishly unique, and instantly recognizable logo is of utmost importance.


From the use of symbolic images to the adoption of unconventional text styles, automobile companies employ the best creative skills of logo designers, and the examples shown below will vouch for that:


When it comes to observing and designing such logos, there are some rather interesting aspects that have been observed and are worth sharing.


No Rules per Se for Designing Automobile Logos

If you it think over you will notice, there are literally tens of logos associated with automobiles with the most imaginative and creative symbols possible. Their logos include an animal, initials of the automobile company name, something representative of the place where the company originated, abstract symbols, and so on. There is just no defined rule for creating these logos. The only rule is there are no rules!


Color Theme and Limited Palette

Having said that, there is one thing that logos for auto vehicle companies do have in common, and that is a selected color theme. Usually color shades include as black, blue, green, dark brown, red, silver-grey, and, at times, yellow. The reason for this is the association is to give the perception of top quality and reflectingsophistication in the design of a product or the delivery of a service. These colors help reflect the attributes of an automobile company.


Automobile Companies are not just for Car Manufacturers

Contrary to what is generally believed, logos for automotive’sare not limited to car manufacturers alone. Though some of the most famous logos belong to car manufacturers, they are also for car servicing providers, auto partss companies, railway companies, private airlines, etc. After all, all modes of transport and associated services are a part of the automobile industry.


Classic Examples to get inspired

Generally, logos for vehicle companies can be classified under three broad categories:


1. Logotypes

These logos include just the name of the company without any symbol. Examples include the very well-known and much loved car companies Ford and Fiat. The brand names have become so recognizable that the name alone can generate an instant recognition of a trusted car company.




2. Symbol-Based Designs

Sometimes, a symbol alone becomes the iconic representation of a company, even if there is no hint of the name of the brand. A great case in point is Ferrari’s prancing stallion logo, which reflects speed and power. Another example is that of Lamborghini, where a charging golden bull denotes strength, power and luxury at the same time. And when speaking of symbol-based logos, let’s not forget the Mercedes Benz logo, one of the most recognizable logos in the world today, symbolic of premium luxury and class.



3. Company Initials

The use of just the initials of an automobile company’s name to create a symbolic logo has also been an effective industry practice. The initials evoke an immediate recognition of the name, and, at times, also evoke some curiosity that generates further interest in the company. Well-known vehicle logos based on initials alone include Honda, Lexus and Volkswagen, which have established solid reputations for themselves.



Whatshould you do when Designing an identity for an Automobile Company?

When it comes to designing your own automobile logo, there are some factors you have to bear in mind. The first is deciding your brand personality. If, for instance, a railway company provides luxury services, then its logo should show professionalism, use top quality vectors, and appropriate and sophisticated colors. On the other hand, if the logo is being designed for an affordable car service company, a light, friendly-looking logo (for instance a smiling car) will be quite effective. When you are creating a logo for a new start-up automobile company, the logo must include a text-based name of the company besides a symbol. The examples shown must have given you some ideas to design your own automobile logo. Take time to think it over, and come up with the most outstanding automobile logo for your brand.

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