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Automobile Logos - Salient Features of Automotive Logo Design

Businesses and companies consider logos to be the chief weapons in promoting their services. As a matter of fact, the character of each individual business is analyzed by the nature of logo designs. Logos cover a whole assortment of activities ranging from representing the business, to creating an online platform, where the company can exercise its marketing abilities. Logos also aid companies in developing an increased database of clients and customers, towards the products and services it has to offer. In designing a logo, one needs to pay attention to 3 aspects that contribute towards making the logo both distinctive and highly motivational. These are Motive, latest trends and quality. Logo designs, as a basic rule must be relevant to the product or service they are offering. They must possess that certain charm and magnetism to attract client and bring them under their magic spell. In designing Automotive logos, their salient features need to be taken into perspective.

Automotive Logo Design

Automotive logos usually associate themselves with the basic components of bikes and automobiles. These include rubber tyres, bicycle handles, car wheels, and various other components of trucks and Harley Davidson bikes. Automobile Companies are also more likely to animate their logos by the introduction of certain cartoon characters, and even animate the automobile itself. For instance, in order to boost the sales of tyres and car parts, the tyre within an automobile logo can be symbolized by various animated actions such as crossing the finish line in a road race.

Use of Color in Automobile Logo Design

The most common colors dominating automotive logos include black, red, blue and green. These not only lend excitement, but also tend to be adventurous and highly motivational. In addition to this, they lend a sense of sportsmanship to bikers and sports car drivers all over the world.

Automotive Logo Design

Use of Fonts in Automotive Design

Automotive designed logos concentrate on freestyle and oversize fonts. The most common ones being used in automobile logo designs are Blackletter scripts based fonts, such as Celtic and gothic fonts.
Logos play a major part in contributing to the success of a business. To ensure that it stays like that, a lot of care must be taken when designing logos. One should not integrate a lot of color and graphics into a single logo, as this will end up in giving the logo an overall cheap and inappropriate design. Get your automobile logos designed by the logo design experts and get the benefit of their experience.


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