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Association Logos - Features of an Association Logo Design




Like all other industries, transport companies also need a distinct corporate identity to become eminent and famous in the global marketplace. The Do you run an association? Are you confused about what a suitable logo should have? If yes, then read on to understand some of the basic elements of an association logo.

Image for Association Logo Design
An association logo design represents the organization's purpose. Because associations are formed out of like minded individuals who work together to achieve a certain purpose, it is compulsory for the logo to clearly highlight that purpose. Images used for the logo are usually simple and features a character that gives a clear cut meaning of the association's purpose. ...Continue Reading
Colors for Association Logo Design
Color is an important aspect to consider while designing logos for an association. The logo should not be very colorful and it is often preferable to have one or at most only two colors for the logo. Remember a simple logo can exhibit the message clearly rather than a heavily designed logo. With sports and entertainment associations as an exception, other social service associations should have kind and warm colors.
Text for Association Logo Design
Usually the logo designer focuses on the image for the logo design. That portrays 90% of the association's purpose. The text therefore should be kept to a minimum. It should be mainly just the association's name. You don't really need a tagline, or a slogan for an association design. However, if you would still like to add it in, make sure it is not more than four or five words placed circularly around or under the image. You would want to give the image more stand-out space, rather than the text.

Clearly understanding the demands of association logos will help professional designers in handling such projects with confidence.

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